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UOB is probably viable, and they have a pretty decent 10 month/$20,000 fixed deposit promotion at the moment. Also, HSBC might still offer its Secured Platinum Visa Card, and that credit card is fairly attractive for petrol rebates.

Or you can get rebates on your petrol purchases using Standard Chartered's XtraSaver debit card and current account. There are some rules to follow, though:

1. You need to keep your account balance above S$6,000 at all times in order to qualify for the attractive petrol rebate.

2. Only the first $571 of petrol purchases per month will qualify for their 7% petrol rebate.

3. The debit card itself costs $20/year, and there's a $2/month fee to maintain the account ($24/year). So if you're not a fairly heavy petrol purchaser, this account doesn't make sense.
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