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can anyone advice from their experience :

1. Pearl's optical, from chinatown OG link bridge to people park centre 2nd floor corner shop

Jamco and Kwong Shin,

are all these 3 shops good service and offer good price for lens and frames ?

2. for metal frames : IC berlin seems to be the best for less than 1K range,

3. i prefer plastic frames, so which brand plastic frame is good ?

i have oakely but over 2 years the plastic frames feels sticky but cannot get off the stickiness

i also have a pair of tom ford plastic frame for need to use spectacle hook to keep the frame from sliding down my face

also i have a big face, the oakley is 54,

anyone know those plastic frame whereby the top is black or dark color then the bottom is clear ? which brand have ?

also recently made a pair of glasses and was recommended to use rodenstock lenses

wonder if the above 3 shops carry rodenstock lenses ?

as i have short sighted and lau hua and need progressive and want to make 2nd pair

not sure if go back to previous shop or try any one of the 3 above and thinking of getting IC berlin frames as colleagues say it is good

can anyone advise

also the spectacle shop mentioned they give me wide vision ones so that i can get used to it more easily and do not need to move my head left and right for the progressive lenses, is there such a thing ?

if yes, then in hoya or zeiss lenses, so they have such wide vision lenses ?
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