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its my helper who loaned leh not me wor how leh. I didn't sign a contract with them. Actually how do they work? They just use work permit to loan can liao meh? then who is the guarantor?
This one I am not sure. Thought you were the one who loaned from the LML.

I don't understand how can the licensed one just lend the money to any helper just by using her work permit.
Does that make me a guarantor when i never even sign any **** document. Damned!
Actually when I went to LML I also saw a lot of domestic helper trying to get loans. I am not sure if that makes you the guarantor since you're only the employer, might want to check with the police or get some legal advice.

Its just LS-2 checking on behalf of LS-1, just to make sure you're still around.

Asking you if you have another number coz LS-1 trying to contact you using the number you blocked him.

So if you give LS-2 the new number, LS-1 will be able to reach you.

Its all within a syndicate

Sia la, if someone anyhow use NRIC to take loan from loanshark also dangerous man. I think it's more likely LS2 trying to help LS1, since they have many different "stalls" that they can loan money out, plus can use different numbers to contact debtors. I've never had LS asking me is it I want to loan when I am the one providing the NRIC because, why would they care? Got NRIC, got bank account, if their background check is OK, they just loan out. Anything whack the house.
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