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Wa u kena force loan ah bro. But ur case is quite direct. He force u for $600 Liao. If you never pay the $600 he also spray your house. If you pay he know u is good leg and still won't let u go.

Either way you are farked. You can only pray that he don't spray your house. The $400 you just keep and use ba. Cause u return or not also will still have possibility of kena spray.

On a side note. I see nowadays so many police cameras at void decks n busstop but al runners still rampant. I guess Sg must have a law, runners kena caught all the face must ownself throw paint at own house before go in jail

Lend $400 and ask people paid back $600. He only earn $200.
If AL send one runner do the harassment, AL paid the runner $200 for the job. AL got profit meh ?
If people follow police instructions don't pay back, then the AL lose the $400.
Those AL really no brain.
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