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Hi guys, how much do you think is a comfortable budget for 7-8 days self drive travel to NZ for 2 adults? I know budget is really subjective. But lets say on average for 1 week of sightseeing travel+ air fare+ lodging (not inclusive of attractions enterance if applicable)
Hi. Me also planning to self drive there. I have never been to NZ but from what i observed. The typical normal airfare from SG to South island such as Christchurch is at least $1.3k per pax and Queentown is much more . One of the cheapest afre i seen is $788 that is to the north, Wellington at $788 by air NZ. Another "cheap" way is to fly to Melbourne at the cheapest fare,Then fly to Christchurch from there.

I feel Accommodation is not really very cheap. A good decent still cost at $100-120 and above. Car rental for 9-10 days by Apex at least $500.

I am not into heli hike as i have been to the glacier in iceland , tandem skydiving, bungee jump and flying fox type as i no longer young. Therefore i can actually save a lot cost from it. If mainly stick to sight seeing and scenery. My estimation is about $6k for 2 pax all inclusive.
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