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Wa u kena force loan ah bro. But ur case is quite direct. He force u for $600 Liao. If you never pay the $600 he also spray your house. If you pay he know u is good leg and still won't let u go.

Either way you are farked. You can only pray that he don't spray your house. The $400 you just keep and use ba. Cause u return or not also will still have possibility of kena spray.

On a side note. I see nowadays so many police cameras at void decks n busstop but al runners still rampant. I guess Sg must have a law, runners kena caught all the face must ownself throw paint at own house before go in jail
Are these police cameras actually working or just farking dummy? If some are the real deal, how many are being watched or implemented with facial recognition technology?
Crime are not solved by sitting behind a large screen, zoom in and out. It can deter crime, just like the standees you see outside NTUC, saying shoplifting is a crime.

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