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Let's wait together. Hopefully good news will come next week for us
Ya hope next week will receive the letter

I went for selection 4th june. So about 6wks plus then received this letter lor. Hopefully by nxt wk cn get grant approval. Once i knw when key collection im going to book ID liao. Already went to 7 IDs in total to ask for qoutations. Kiasu i know! 😂
I worry abt my electrical appliances... they cn only keep for 3mths max. Latest 30th aug. If 30th aug still havent get keys..dunno where to deliver all the items liao. But cannot help it la. Tht time got hari raya promo lah. Gss promo lah. So i bought them bcuz its super cheap.
Not kiasu la.. we want to move in asap so wont waste money on the monthly repayment and our rental fees!
U can try to store them at storhub?
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