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Ji Suk Jin Raves About Tom Cruise’s Personality After Filming “Running Man” Together

After filming an episode of “Running Man” together, Ji Suk Jin had no shortage of good things to say about Hollywood star Tom Cruise!

Tom Cruise will be appearing on the next episode of the popular SBS variety show, along with Henry Cavill and Simon Pegg, his co-stars from the upcoming action film “Mission: Impossible — Fallout.” Not only did the three actors surprise the cast of “Running Man” with their skills and fierce competitive streak, but Tom Cruise also appears to have impressed Ji Suk Jin with his friendly attitude and great manners.

On July 21, Ji Suk Jin posted a photo of himself with Tom Cruise on Instagram, featuring a hilarious photobomb by Song Ji Hyo.

He wrote in Korean, “The awesome Tom hyung. Such a friendly, sweet guy. Someone who has the sense to greet everyone [on set] and to look each and every person in the eye. You have given us a great memory.” He then added, “I didn’t know Ji Hyo was there, hehe.”

Ji Suk Jin also wrote in the hashtags, “He’s taken really great care of himself,” “He looks like he’s still in his forties,” and “Ji Hyo, what are you doing there, hehe.”
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