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Hi, After much planning, this will be my japan plan for mid dec, with 2 kids 9yrs and 6yrs need advice if this is workable. i got a few question thou

1. do i need a JR pass?
the rest highlighted below

day 1: arrive in haneda at 4pm travel to shinjuku to check in airbnb.
explore shinjuku

day 2: disney land full day

day 3: shinjuku/harajuku

day 4: nissin cup noodle, explore around. sky tree

day 5: shibuya

day 6: full day to mt fuji and gotemba outlet(take bus)

day 7: no plan
Qns: any suggestion for places that will be fun to kids? as well as to fill up some of the slower days

day 8: hello kitty land

day 9:check out of shinjuku, take shinkansen to nagano station (pick up a rented car. drive to kasatsu onsen, stay 1 night
Qns: where can i keep 1 big luggage for the next 4 night so i no need to bring it all the way to nagano.
Any advice on driving in snowy condition?

day 10: check out of kasatsu and drive to hakuba and stay 3 night, might visit snow monkey park since it is along the way.

day 11: ski play snow

day 12: ski play snow

day 13: check out and drive to nagano station return car and take shinkansen back to Tokyo
Qns: where should i stay for my final 2 nights taking into consideration i need to collect my luggage i left in tokyo.

day 14: toyko station

day 15: last min shopping. back to haneda airport.

Is the above itinerary ok? thanks alot for any help given.
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