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Hi, After much planning, this will be my japan plan for mid dec, with 2 kids 9yrs and 6yrs need advice if this is workable. i got a few question thou

1. do i need a JR pass?
the rest highlighted below

day 1: arrive in haneda at 4pm travel to shinjuku to check in airbnb.
explore shinjuku

day 2: disney land full day

day 3: shinjuku/harajuku

day 4: nissin cup noodle, explore around. sky tree

day 5: shibuya

day 6: full day to mt fuji and gotemba outlet(take bus)

day 7: no plan
Qns: any suggestion for places that will be fun to kids? as well as to fill up some of the slower days

day 8: hello kitty land

day 9:check out of shinjuku, take shinkansen to nagano station (pick up a rented car. drive to kasatsu onsen, stay 1 night
Qns: where can i keep 1 big luggage for the next 4 night so i no need to bring it all the way to nagano.
Any advice on driving in snowy condition?

day 10: check out of kasatsu and drive to hakuba and stay 3 night, might visit snow monkey park since it is along the way.

day 11: ski play snow

day 12: ski play snow

day 13: check out and drive to nagano station return car and take shinkansen back to Tokyo
Qns: where should i stay for my final 2 nights taking into consideration i need to collect my luggage i left in tokyo.

day 14: toyko station

day 15: last min shopping. back to haneda airport.

Is the above itinerary ok? thanks alot for any help given.

Red Planet Asakusa Hotel in Asakusa can help u keep the luggage before and after if you have a reservation with them.

So I suggest you may like to swop day 7 and day 8.

Day 8 - bring ur family to Asakusa. Assuming you will be staying at Red Planet, you can leave ur luggage there (email them before the trip to confirm about the luggage). After you leave your luggage there, you can tour Asakusa. It is a lovely place. Sensoji temple, Nakamise shopping street. You can go to Tokyo Skytree tower which is one station away, Your kids will love it there. Got ice skating rink there too.

I prefer not to drive during winter especially to the outskirts.
Don't know whether it will snow n not sure whether need to chain the wheels of the car and whether it is compulsory or not.

From Red Planet hotel to Haneda, there is a airport limousine bus (check the website for the timing) from Asakusa View Hotel which is 5 min walk from Red Planet.
You can also take a direct train from the train station nearby but in view of your young kids and heavy luggage, it may be rather troublesome.

IMO, JR pass is not necessary as it costs about $344 for the 7 day JR pass.
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