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Anyone that repairs ath-m50 (older generation) headphones? My right side is noticibly softer than the other side

Think I dropped it from table height and it became softer
Hi all, great to see a AT thread. I like the AT sound as well. Looking to add a wireless earphone of the AT range, any recommendations?

Read about various codec like apt, ldap etc. Does AT wireless support these codecs?

Sorry for the noob questions. I am relative clueless when it comes to newer formats and gadgets.


Btw I like AT woodies and have the following W1000, W5000 and ESW10Ltd. As such I do not travel much with them but use at home mainly driven by HA5000. My source is still mainly CDs. A old marantz as transport to a musical fidelity XDACv8 as DAC. Besides Act I have a couple of AKG, Loss and Shures. But mainly I use ATs. Cheers.

hi. i was using Marshall Mode Earphones for $90 from Jaben. It was a good earphone for me but recently the left side blew out. I don't plan to buy another Marshall. can anyone recommend an Audio Technica in ear earphones under $100, where can I test it and where should I buy it? thanks
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