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Are you certain your Airbnb is legally registered and that the owner will not cancel it at the very last minute? For your sake I hope you have an alternative hotel being booked (with free cancellation).

If you do stay in a hotel in the end, as long as it's not those business hotel chains, you will be able to leave your luggage with them for a few days till you check in again.

If you did manage to stay in the Airbnb and require baggage storage, it's not too hard to Google for that info. Here's one result that I found:

Sagawa storage seems to be an option. The article says can store for 5 days but Sagawa mobile website didn't state that (didn't look at the desktop version). If in doubt, you can go email them and ask how long can they store your baggage. Price list is on the site. As they have offices in both Tokyo station and near Asakusa, you can find hotels around these areaa to book for your final part of the trip.

I will not suggest Red Planet Asakusa if you are not able to meet the limousine bus timing that will bring you to and fro from Asakusa View hotel. The alternative transport option is too troublesome. For example, if you wish to take the Keikyu/Asakusa Line (note that you will be alighting at the Tobu/Toei/Tokyo Metro subway, not the Tsukuba subway - if you check the map, the Tobu/Toei Asakusa station is much further from the hotel), you need to know which exit to go so that you don't have to deal with stairs with your luggage. On top of that, assuming you managed to find the exit with elevator, once reach surface level, you will need to navigate from the exit (which is further from the usual exit that involves stairs) to walk to Red Planet Asakusa - which is pretty daunting if you haven't been to Japan before and have kids along with you.

Hence do check the limousine bus timing first if you are considering princessreiko's suggestion. If the bus timings can't fit your schedule, then go for hotels that are nearer to the main stations.

As for day 7, are your kids familiar with Ghibli works? If yes you can opt for Ghibli museum. Will only take up about half the day, but it depends on the timing on your admission ticket. Or you can go Odaiba too.
The limousine service from airport to Asakusa View hotel is free? Btw what other hotel u recomend near subway and easy from airport.
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