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I think Vivo stereo can do that.

Japan not all are displayed open, more premium ones are locked in display case.

The good thing is you can ask the staff to recommend, they are quite helpful.
Agreed. Almost all the local stores staff are helpful. Haven't really had a bad enough experience to call out at all.

They keep the premium ones behind counter not because they "see you no up", but more like they are worried that potential customers who do not know how to handle them with care can potentially damage a 4-figure priced earphone / headphone. The 'screening' really is for that, not so much whether the customer can afford to buy them.

Case in point would be a story a friend who shared with me about an uncle who walked into a car showroom with tattered bermudas and worn out japanese slippers, stained cotton t-shirt, and unshaven. Walked out 45mins later with a $300k car paid in full by crossed cheque that left every other salesman's jaws on the floor for the rest of the week ....
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