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Hi Guys, I was going through the posts over the past few days.. Would like to mention that i am someone going through similar situations currently...

The harassment started last week with the usual threats and videos but stopped for awhile.
It resumed yesterday when my office was called and i managed to speak to my boss regarding what happened and showed them the Police Report made on Saturday.
Its still a mental torture as i dunno what to expect next.
However, an advice given to me was, to track down all the times they call you from their Private Number... Let them keep calling, u talk for a while and hang up. Let them call a few more times, before you pick up again. Then give the police the details, i.e. 26 Private number calls from 1 pm - 1.40 pm to my number (812******).
With this, they will be able to pin point the number / location with the help of the telcos.

Just tot it may help.

This is day 4 for me.
And im not gonna give in to their demands.
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