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1 AL.

But was cleared sometime back.

Sometime back auto deposit into my acct without my knowledge. Then a week later he called and said that i took a loan and was due that day. When i said i did not take any loan, he sent me a receipt of the deposit.

And indeed he did.
So i asked how much to clear, he said 600 for a 400 loan. or 150 to defer. I just said id clear and went on to trf the 600.
After trf, he replied :ACCT JAM ACCT JAM! DONT TRF FIRST."
But ialready did.
He then told me to get the bank to undo the trf and tht he will give me another acct for me to trf another 600.
I went to the bank to do so but cudnt.
He then said he will let me defer for a week for 150 then clear the next week at 600.
I was fooled time and time again.
In total i trf 1400 for a measly 400 tht i didnt even ask for.

Then went quiet for a while, last week claim tht there is a balance of 400. And if delay the interest will accumulate.

Told him to meet me personally to get it.
And thts how it all started....

As with all UML AL, their biggest power is that they know all of your NRIC details and the phone numbers of your most vulnerable contacts (workplace and NOK). You did the right thing by informing your work place, you should inform your NOK too. After that, they donít have much leverage on you already. The most theyíll do is burn your door or splash paint on your house.

But if you think about it... thatís much better than being extorted and scammed of your hard earned money forever. So bite the bullet, set up CCTV, block their numbers, change phone number if necessary, and hold the fort. (HODOR!!!!)
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