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First of all, it won't be his face. It will be another debtor's, as is always the case.

Secondly, of course he won't show up himself, but now that you've effectively gone on and annoyed him, he might take it personally and inconvenience you in all sorts of ways. It feels good now because you stuck it to your ah long, but there's a reason police tell you not to contact them. So you don't aggravate the situation. Just ignore and don't say anything when they try to get in touch.
TBH, it does doesn't really feel good coz i didn't stick it in his face. I was rather quiet and monotonous.
In fact it is bugging me what he'd do next and when will this stop.

I did figure out that it would be another debtor who would probably do his dirty work for him and i was just wondering what am i to do if i do come in contact with tht person?

Also, with the way my flat is situated, my unit is actually the last second unit in a stretch of 5 units. That means that he / she has to be really quick or may be spotted or trapped if someone comes out of the lift or stairs while he performs his handiwork. Tht is somewhat comforting though.

I would be happy if he wud just stop calling / texting for good and leave this be. Rather than push this further and risk losing more in the end.
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