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Just ignore. You'll be fine after a month. You see this whole forum also got pattern. Most will post first time, very frantic, can't tell elbow from backside, so many exclamation marks, ask stupid questions, then after one month disappear. Nine times out of then, nothing happens. (The tenth time is JJlin lol).

As long as you ignore and lie low and be a bit more watchful is fine.

This one damn true. When I first run my AL I was so in panic mode and needed to vent everything out here, but seeing the trend... after a while every one also no problem. Of course will go through the verbal harassment and perhaps some physical harassment, but so far no one kena chop hand and leg yet.

I think most of the time is just we scare ourselves, so AL can manipulate us to keep paying or to work for them.

DON'T FUND CRIMINALS! (well said).
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