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I totally agreed. I told him don't pay. Heck care. Just come clean with his work and family.

He told me up to date he paid more than 10k to them and still haven't even clear. But I suspected he might borrow another to cover another. Snowballed til so jiaklat.

If pay up to what he borrowed then can don't care. Right?

But he is not thinking straight now. And I am pregnant. I can't help him much also.
Never ever pay all these blood sucking AL. They all only dare to telephone warrior nia. Ask them all go Hong Kan la. Nowadays where to find commando do house. Siao pay commando $200 if kena caught by police got caning who dare to do. Lol.

Without commandos doing all the spray paint and stuffs the along are as good as telephone warriors. Toothless tigers.
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