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I totally agreed. I told him don't pay. Heck care. Just come clean with his work and family.

He told me up to date he paid more than 10k to them and still haven't even clear. But I suspected he might borrow another to cover another. Snowballed til so jiaklat.

If pay up to what he borrowed then can don't care. Right?

But he is not thinking straight now. And I am pregnant. I can't help him much also.

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Borrow one to cover another (especially cover just the defer fees) is the fastest way to snowball AL debt.

If pay up to what he borrowed they'll still harass him lah. Don't pay harass, pay also harass. So pay for what? Tell him to stop the ROOT problem (gambling, KTV, overspending) then slowly work a way out of his legal debts (if any). Illegals debts just have to endure the harassment. It'll die off eventually.
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