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Guys if anyone has gotten experience with LS before and speaking from one, the LS now has difficulties finding people to borrow money.

Hence if there's any new customers who have not gotten any loan/encounter before with LS, they may do a forced transfer to your account. This is to TEST water if the debtor will panic due to inexperience. If the debtor panic, the LS will know you're weak. Hence they will bring upon more harassment. And if the debtor submit to the harassment, the LS has found a dumb slave and make all sorts of excuses for more money.

Its abnormal to feed yourself to the sharks so why not we go hunting for shark's fin.

So don't panic, just take the money, close the account, block any incoming numbers and report police. Its really easy money, my LS has stopped the harassment and given up
What you said is true after the revised regulation.
Loan Shark are having hard time.
Not only difficult to find the debtors business, they also difficult to find a runner work for them to harass people.
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