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We are all "narutos' here aren't we. The love of ramen never stops & it should be passed down to generations after generations. Jokes aside, these are the few ramen places i highly recommend going to in Singapore :

1.Konjiki Hototogisu at Chijmes ( just opened last month too! famous ramen chain store in Tokyo; the broth is the killer )

2. A noodle story ( unique blend of flavours; all mixed into one. Good for people that likes to try something different from the usual ramen )

3. Marutama Ramen ( there's just something different about their char siew they use in their char siew ramen here; very Q & fresh ! )

I still have not explore finish all the ramen stores in Singapore but will definitely do so sooner rather then later !
Good start, however don't really like Marutama after having it when they first opened here. Probably has to do with their chicken broth.

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