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Wah sey...must check defect sumore. Maybe u cn tell us what to check or bring for defect check?
I did very simple basic check only..

1) All door close n open
2) Test all keys lock (Dont neglect ur letter box)
3) open and close all windows, try the lock as well
4) bring a pail, fill up water and pour in the toilet floor see whether the water flows off or not.
5) wall/ tiles crack
5) optional: bring a broom to clean your bomb shelter so that you at least hav a clean area to keep your stuff while doing reno.
6) optional: Hand soap n hand towel.. (its very very dusty!)
7) optional: Chairs & Fan...(in case your parents or in law going.. they can sit. end of the day i throw these in the bomb shelter)
8) rubbish bag!! to clear alllllll the brochure etc... real lots!!

For those who rushing to move in one.. try to settle everything on the day when u collect the key..

My scenerio, 9.15am appointment.. finish everything at 11am. went home pack up and go over around 12+pm, do all those pineapple rolling etc etc.. ID came up 2+ explain explain and check defect again.. 4pm i went to HDB hand over the defect list liao. Next day ID applied permit for renovation already. Next week my air con will start to install and start reno
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