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Guys I need your advice on my best option for my case as follows:

- Owns 2 Digital Ready TVs at home (i.e. don't need any STBs)
- Staying in Choa Chu Kang area (wish to receive Indo and Msia channels if possible)
- I prefer passive indoor antennas (no need power source) over active ones, if 4 outlets only provide active ones then bo bian active lor

I need to get 2 x indoor antennas only, and I'm definitely going for redemption at the 4 outlets with the $100 vouchers.

1) Can advise which models should I be getting, in order to maximize my $100 voucher without topping up too much?

2) So for Indo and Msia channels, as long as I do a manual/auto tuning of the channel signals, if able to get means able to get, can't means can't, no other steps to do?

3) Can the $100 redeem 2 x antennas or can only redeem 1??
$100 letter can exchange for 2 or 3 good active antenna.

If you want passive antenna, buy online from lazada or ebay, it is only $2-$3 each.
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