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Then you have to get two digital TV set top box for the two TVs, since both are analogue.

Did you receive the DTV Starter Kit? If yes, you can redeem the set top box+antenna for one of your TV. The another TV can consider getting the cheap China K2 set top box.
You can either have two set top boxes / user component or analogue video out for one set and HDMI for the other / user a HDMI splitter.
But you will end up watch the same channel unless you use two boxes.
Thanks for the amazing details. My family has been using the big fat analogue TV so I completely clueless.
Comparing an analogue TV + digital box + antenna vs digital TV + antenna. Which is a better option?
Because if the digital TV option is better clearer, then I may as well buy two new TVs. I won't need big ones, 32" will do.

Thanks guys.

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