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If you sell ur house and got a cash profit more worse😂. Hdb will ask u to pay for ur current balance purchased price in cash.

Like mine example... i sold my resale flat and got 60k cash 10yrs ago. Now i want to buy this sbf right...the unit cost me 184k. Both our cpf is 150k. Balance 34k, i cant use HLE to pay. They want me to pay it in cash even tho i got 218k HLE amount. On top of levy is 20k. So in short they want 54k cash frm me. Thats why im appealling to let me use my HLE to pay for my balance right now.
What I heard is after you sold your flat, let's say you have a cash profit of $60k, 50% have to go back to your CPF account. Not sure whether is it correct. I know that after I sell my this resale flat, I will make a lost cos I bought at too high and sell at too lower. I will lugi about 50k-80k to my CPF. SO I think HDB can't do much to me.
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