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What I heard is after you sold your flat, let's say you have a cash profit of $60k, 50% have to go back to your CPF account. Not sure whether is it correct. I know that after I sell my this resale flat, I will make a lost cos I bought at too high and sell at too lower. I will lugi about 50k-80k to my CPF. SO I think HDB can't do much to me.
After putting whatever need to be put in cpf.. i got 60k cash. I bought my resale flat at 240k and sold it for 400k 10yrs ago. After minus everything total profit of 120k is divided equally between me n my ex.

So long as u nvr take grant no need pay levy for ur 2nd house. And so long if u dont get any cash profit, u cn use HLE. 😂 if u get any amt of cash...HDB wont let u use 50% of the amount of cash u received for HLE. Example if u received 20k cash...HDB will ask u to pay 10k in cash for ur 2nd flat the balance then cn use HLE.

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