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Haiyah...i think bank shld be willing to loan u 34k to give HDB lei. Hahahaha. Point is HDB wants me to pay cash for balance instead of using HLE becuz 10yrs ago i received 60k cash from selling house. I think if my appeal is not approved to let me use HLE, i will have to take up bank loan instead.

But really my husband poor thing lor. He 1st time buying flat if cannot use HLE so sian.
If no choice also have to take bank loan. In fact, some bank loan is lower. Mine was lower than 2.6% (current HDB loan interest rate) for sure, but I just don't feel comfortable taking loan anymore. Imagine, loan 285K for 30years. After servicing my loan for 5 years, I paid about 36K of interest. Too much for us to bear. Every month, CPF amount into my OA only every little. Pay this and that, figures getting lesser and lesser every year
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