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Might as well dont give grant right Likewise for CPF, i just learnt that we can use our OA to further our studies. Initially i was happy cos current education is not that cheap, thought can finally continue my studies and upgrade myself, get a better paying job with better certs.

Then got to know that you have to repay back your OA with interest after you finish studies. Isn't OA our money in the first place?? Its like owing money to yourself
But the study one only for full time undergrad programs and from “recognized” schools. I mean correct me if I’m wrong la but I would assume the majority of us on this forum have passed eligibility for this hahahaha.

I wanted to use it for post grad course at NTU but they blatantly stated there “not applicable as we expect post grad students to already have money for their education as they already have a degree to earn money”. Something along those lines but it’s a big fat no. Sigh.
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