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Anyone got recommendations for a good slipjoint that meets the following criteria?
- Wide blade
- 2.75" - 3.25" blade length. Nothing bigger. Can go a little smaller though.
- Body should preferably not be made of wood or any 'natural' materials like bone or horn.
- Stiff backspring. The blade should not be able to be 'flung' open from a wrist-whip.
- Preferably single-blade only. But dual blades are fine if done in a Canoe style (i.e.: one blade on each end). No barlows, and no modern, tactical-style folders. I already have the Spyderco UKPK and Byrd Tern for the latter.
- Nail nick opening.
- Steel type not important, but should be at least 5cr15mov or equivalent / better

The closest option that matches this is AG Russell's Rancher, but he does not ship here:

Any other suggestions?

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