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I visited Hokkaido 8 years ago.
It was a driving trip.
I was there end of May till early June but didn't get to see the lavendar .

Yes, it was chilly over there at that time and I remembered I didn't bring enough warm wear and had to buy some over there.

I would like to visit Hokkaido again someday.
Is possible to tour the place using public transport?
Public transport is possible but note that it won't be as extensive or as frequent as in Honshu.

I've been to Hokkaido twice, in summer (for lavender) and in winter (for powder snow). Love both trips and Hokkaido is my favourite region (I've also explored Kyushu, Chubu, Kanto and Tohoku). Just need to do more research into planes, trains, buses or even cycling options (e.g. when exploring Furano in summer). It's best if you know a bit of Japanese so you can find more research online.
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