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He scared go police. But i have told him as long as he never work for them and borrower wont get into trouble.

I know he is scared his family and work will find out. But paying it every week and stressing about money also scary. Might as well use the money and invest on cctv

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I can understand his feelings, because I struggled for a while before telling my family and work place too for fear of repercussions. But here's the thing : The ALs feed on our fear of embarrassment, fear of family members finding out, fear of harassment. If he doesn't do something to put a STOP to this, he will eventually be pressured into working for them.

There is NO EASY WAY OUT from an AL money lending trap. Either keep paying, which is the second most stupidest thing to do, or stop paying, go to the police, inform family members, inform work place, change phone numbers and endure the harassment.

Look at all of us who have made through it or are making through it. We all started by making a police report and letting our family and work place (or whoever's contact we gave them) know. Once we can clear the first hurdle, all this AL harassment will be meaningless because they cannot gain leverage over us any longer. We will be released from their control and what's the most they can do now that our family and work place are on our side? Splash paint? Go ahead, can clean up. Burn door? Go ahead, can change door. It is much much MUCH better than paying their stupid defer fees and being extorted by them time and time again.

He needs to clear his mental hurdle before he can do any of these. If he is comfortable and needs someone to talk after reading the whole thread thrice over, we can connect on WeChat or something and can talk anonymously. Let's help him through this.
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