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Hi all, just collected my keys... True to what Amex shared before... Process is about two hours...I bought my fire insurance at HDB. Lucky no queue maybe cos my appt was at 0815am.. Sign lots of paperwork, buy insurance (Lvl 1, counter 1), activate utilities (Lvl 2) and pay conservancy fees (Lvl 3) then go down again to collect my keys...

I have ever asked bout the diff between joint-tenancy and tenancy in common before.. Just now the CSO explained that if in joint tenancy, if either one owner passes away, HDB will offset the remaining mortgage... If tenancy-in-common, you have to decide between the two of you (or more, if additional owners) to who owns what percentage of share in the house... Should either one party passes away, the deceased share of the house will be allocated according to his/her will...

Mine is a three room flat so in total i paid $4.50 (fire insurance) + $47.50 (conservancy fees). $100 activation of SP will be charged in your first bill..

Unlike rental houses where we have to wait for someone from SP to come activate the utilities, the officer at SP told me that BTO owners can activate it on their own. We just have to switch on the main box for electricity and allen keys will be provided in your letter box for turning on of water supply..

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