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J.Y. Park beats out Yang Hyun Suk to become the 2nd richest in entertainment stocks

J.Y. Park has broken the long-standing tower that was Lee Soo Man-Yang Hyun Suk.

For years, Lee Soo Man and Yang Hyun Suk had been the twin towers of K-pop entertainment stocks. This year, Lee Soo Man continues on his legacy as the richest in entertainment stocks, with a total of 179.71 billion KRW (161.3 million USD) this year. The amount is an increase of 25.76 billion KRW (23.1 million USD) from last year.

However, coming in at second was not the usual Yang Hyun Suk, but instead J.Y. Park, who had a whopping increase of 58.46 billion KRW (52.4 million USD) in stocks up to 135.37 billion KRW (121.3 million USD).

Yang Hyun Suk came at third instead with 123.33 billion KRW (110.5 million USD), with an increase of 23.65 billion KRW (21.2 million USD) from last year.

What do you think the change in the stock market says about the current entertainment industry?
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