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Hi my laptop has an faulty 256 GB SSD.

I have already paid $60 to do a diagnostic with the service centre and now they came back with a quotation of $328 to replace.

Should I get a new SSD from SIM LIM and change it myself? But for the new copy of windows 10 is there any way I can download using my serial number of my laptop etc? I need more detail help thanks
For 256 GB SSD you can get it under $200 or even better as able to get 500 GB SSD available in Sim Lim.

Windows 10 is using digital license from your laptop BIOS exist upon activated.

Do download this to your (any) computer > Download Windows 10
Once download run the file.

There are 2 options, use the 2nd option to save to either USB thumb/flash drive or ISO file.

For USB option you need to insert a USB thumb/flash drive at least 8GB size, which it will detect; note that it will delete any files/data inside.
It will save and make the USB drive as bootable Windows 10 Home installation setup, in 1 step process.
Whereas ISO file you need to save and later make/create image Windows 10 installation to DVD disc, a couple of steps.

Avoid the 1st option Upgrade which mean it direct upgrade on it and if you are running from another computer.

To fresh install insert the USB/DVD to run in the booting, F2 or F12 select USB/DVD in BIOS.
As for product key do skip as if the laptop had already installed & activated the Windows 10.

Run the Windows Updates after installation.
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