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Need advise.. I ever tried apply loan thru watsapp from this moneylender as i was desperate. Gave them my particulars even home number. But when they said can only offer weekly loan i decided not to take. Then few weeks later they watsapp me asking me how i am and that time i was warded. All of a sudden they showed me a screenshot of bank transfer $400 to my account. I was shocked told them i never requested any loan why transfer?? The fella said boss pitye cause i was warded. Told them no need so i wanted to transfer back the $400 he said cannot as that account belongs to customer. As i was worried they might disturb my family past 2 weeks been transferring $200 as defer instead of $600 as full settlement. Any advise from all of you? What should i do?
Look.. they do a FORCED transfer coz they are desperate for borrowers to fund their business.

Take the money. Stop paying. Report police. Block all incoming numbers. The harassment pay no pay confirm come. Just read this thread from page 1 you will understand
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