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Welcome to the trap. That's how they force loans on you without your consent. They'll just say you applied for a loan before, so now suka suka they will just transfer to you.

Anyway, you're pretty much stuck. Pay them and they'll harass you, don't pay them and they'll still harass you. My suggestion is just go to the police. As you already experience, past 2 weeks they have been asking you to defer instead of full settlement. Common excuses are:

1) No account
2) Never inform 1 day before
3) Company policy must defer 5-20x before can clear loan.

Basically, they're trapping you already. Just go report to the police, and prepare for harassment.
My IO just informed me they caught another one.the one that send love letter..wag Singapore police force really got work one ah..last time I always thought they relax in office only
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