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Truly appreciate your very detailed explanation. This is really what I needed. I will go buy a new SSD soon.

Am I stupid to let the service centre run a diagnostic and paid $60?

Currently I do not have a spare laptop to create a usb drive.

Sorry I donít really understand this:

[ Avoid the 1st option Upgrade which mean it direct upgrade on it and if you are running from another computer.

To fresh install insert the USB/DVD to run in the booting, F2 or F12 select USB/DVD in BIOS.
As for product key do skip as if the laptop had already installed & activated the Windows 10.]
Nvm about the $60 now that you know there are 2 main issues on your laptop.

Sorry to confuse you ...

You can use another computer running Windows either your family/friends/office, if any; to create the USB bootable Windows 10 setup.

The link provided earlier will download this file > MediaCreationTool1803.exe

Then when you run this file there are 2 options: What do you want to do?
(1) Upgrade to this PC now.. obviously not.
(2) Create installation media (USB flash drive, DVD or ISO file) for another computer.
Hence it is better to choose the option on USB flash drive.. as 1 step process.
While DVD or ISO file may take a few steps to download the ISO file and make/create to DVD disc.
Once done.. the first step to have the Windows 10 setup is ready.

Next is the SSD.. now the prices are reasonable as for 500 GB SSD may able to get for under $200, depend on brand.. like Samsung EVO 850 with guarantee; if failure.. as i had done replacement 1 to 1 free after a couple of months.
Btw the current failed SSD which brand and any warranty or not as most come with at least 3 years.

Installation of SSD to the laptop should not be difficult or complicated as i am doing it very often nowadays.
You may search for YouTube video on how to do replacement of SSD/HDD of the laptop, may depend on brand but most are quite standard/common.

Once the SSD is installed and it is ready for Windows 10 setup.
Insert the USB flash drive to USB port of the laptop.
Upon the power on the laptop & booting.. immediately keep pressing the F12 function key of the keyboard.
This F12 will indicate to select the boot option.. select USB with the flash drive.
The Windows 10 installation process start and follow the instruction.
As for the Product Key you can either use the Key on the laptop sticker or Skip option as it would detect for previously installed Windows 10 digital license from the computer BIOS.

Since laptop do have RJ45 port do use ethernet cable to have direct wired to router lan port.
If you do this before the start of installation of Windows 10 it will go online to update all the necessary drivers of the laptop.
My 2 laptops upon installation of Windows 10 did detect and update the drivers including the network adapters (including wireless).
Also it would include windows updates and any others while online.

Not to worry to fail can repeat the process.. as take it as experience in handling this task yourself.

Alternately you can pay another $60 for the shop to do all these for you.
You can watch and "learn" from the technician as this process take less than an hour to complete.
Sometime i did this method to learn at the same time as if i encountered problems that unable to resolved myself.

Hope this help you.. learning process.

I do have make 2 USB bootable Windows 10 without any issue.
And do have standby USB wireless adapters & plenty SSD/HDD in case if need.
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