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This shop really sucks!

Recently I changed my imac mother board there, charged me $280.

Within 2 months when I check my wifi circuit board, I found many screws gone after removed the LCD screen.
Below are the list:
1. For LCD screen: should be total 8 T10, 8mm Torx screws, but the shop only installed 4 ones, other 4 ones missing.
2. For optical drive: there are 2 T10, 9mm Torx screws missing.
3. For logic board (mother board): 1 T10, 7mm Torx screw missing, 1 T10, 25mm Torx screw missing and 1 T10, 21.5mm Torx screw missing

So I called the shop, and one guy answered me, promised to provide the screws they did not install. But When I reached the shop, the guy said they don't have the screws!!!!

What a surprise! Cheaters and liars !!!?

This shop has no professional attitude and no credit!
Never go to that shop!
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