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Interestingly, my first Speedy Tuesday was slightly marred by my spotting that the chrono pushers on mine were slightly different in length. After various combinations of Googling for the cause, I found that "speedmaster pusher caps protruding" gave me the answer. Right now, my start/stop pusher is definitely problematic. From comparison to pictures, it's definitely more pushed in than usual, and after reading descriptions, I realize that it's loose and I can push it up further if I so desire. I'm not sure if there's any issue with the reset pusher, but it looks closer to what should be correct..

I guess I'll be dropping the watch off at Omega Service Centre to fix this issue, which relates to the screw within the case that attaches the pusher cap coming loose. Everything is functional, but most people's advice for this issue was to get it fixed before the pusher cap dropped off, or water resistance was compromised. On the bright side, thankfully my watch came with warranty, else I'd be contacting the seller now.
That's a bummer. I didn't even know there's this issue until you mentioned it. Luckily there's warranty and you get to have the watch looked at for any other potential niggles by Omega themselves. Hope you get it back soon to enjoy!
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