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Update: just finished replacing the SSD and installed a fresh copy of windows.

When I open up to unscrew and replace it was extremely tough. There were 2 screws on each side of the metal plate at the side when I screw it back the screws was slanted and not fit in nicely.

The battery was at the side of the SSD making it very hard to reach the screws at the SSD, I had to hold the battery up and put my screwdriver in to try and unscrew. E SSD given by Asus was covered in silver wrapping. I had to plug out the SSD and remove it instead of like the video where you just have to move a bit to take it out

After installing windows it did not ask me for my laptop serial number to activate the OS.

Not sure what the sticky strip was for on the old SSD thus I did not remove and put on my new SSD.
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