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Hi... i got a force loan even after i reject. i got scared and paid off within 3 days and AL say i pay to wrong account but i know i didnt.. 500 pay 750.. now call and harrass my family members and also send videos.. I make police report.. how do they find out where u work? u think they will come to the house like how they threaten.
You should not pay back the money to illegal money lender because you will involved in the loan shark activities when you transfer to the account. Like other people received money from strangers ( force loan) when you transfer the money over. Please consult the Police and work with them closely.

1) Make police report
2) Close bank account
3) Change new Sim card
4) Go and buy HD CCTV can record at low light condition also (infra red).
5) Go and apply license with the Police report for installing CCTV
6) Buy pop corn and watch show

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