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AL I already run. So far, been quiet day today. Kinda worrying.

Now, on LML. I know cannot run coz I signed agreement with them. Can anyone advise how we can negotiate with them? I called BGSS, the guy referred me to AMP. I asked him straightforward, I got your number from CCS and now you refer me to AMP. Why? U can't help me? He said I'm Malay...I slam the phone.

I called Silver Lining, but gotta wait till next week coz need appointment. Now, I have politely ask LML for extension but now their tune is very different. AL tune come out already. Silver Lining told me....LML is even worst then UML.

Anyone with experience on LML non-payments can share pls?
AL - Did they harass you at home or just messaging and how long?
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