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Thats All private so Im save.. I dont use my real name on it and i dont put where i work but do you think they will come to the house and throw paint and burn like how they threaten. Police report make.. Bank account close today. Sim card i leave cause i just block. I just worry they show up and harass my mum and kids and throw paint. After i told him im not paying.. he keep calling and message for 1 hour now quite for 1 hour.. just worry come to my hse..
No need scared. The AL worry more than you.
You can dare him come to your house one to one talk.
The AL will give you 1000 reasons cannot come.
By the way, those AL is based on oversea such as Malaysia and China.
Only debtors turn runner or young school boy will come and paint your house.
You should have more confident in our SPF.
Our Police is number 1, they are the best.
You grow so big already, when you saw Newspaper got Ah Long burn someone house and people die inside ?
When you got read about that Ah Long beat debtors until stay inside hospital ?
The dead from car accident is more frequent than your Ah Long news.
You are watching too much movie.
Unless you tell us you are staying in Malaysia, then is different story all together.
If you're still poor at 35, you deserve it!
He knew what he signed up for.
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