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Thats All private so Im save.. I dont use my real name on it and i dont put where i work but do you think they will come to the house and throw paint and burn like how they threaten. Police report make.. Bank account close today. Sim card i leave cause i just block. I just worry they show up and harass my mum and kids and throw paint. After i told him im not paying.. he keep calling and message for 1 hour now quite for 1 hour.. just worry come to my hse..
They will never show up la. Where got criminals come your house, harrass, run away and get caught lol.

Now you're dealing with yourself vs debtors-turned-runners. And runners know physical damage to properties confirm heavy sentence. Cameras are everywhere. The most they do is distribute love letters, posters like jjlin lol.

You and your whole family read this whole thread. Read like bedtime story. Confirm can sleep peacefully tonight

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