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First time kena.. i worry more cause they call and harass my mum... i feel really **** cause my mum involved.. now i feel a bit better.. have to convince my mum now its gonna be ok.
Don't stress yourself too much, we here all been through that. Once NOK and your company has been informed and you can get them on your side... no need to worry so much. No leverage from NOK and company, they can only do their so called physical harassment. Which is love letters, lock gate, etc etc.

Even then, they need people to do it for them. It's getting harder and harder for them to find runners and debtors to do their dirty work. Not say won't kena, but you don't need to kancheong spider about it. Just install CCTV, monitor people around your level, anything amiss, 999 straight away. Don't wait. If you made a prior police report, also ask them to send a patrol to your block - the request lasts for 2 weeks, thereafter it can be renewed if threats continue further. But the extra police presence with CCTV at lift landings and possibly your unit will deter some harassment. The reaaaaaaally hardcore ones bo bian, just endure.

Best of luck. Read this thread if you need morale support. Still mental block, just drop me a PM, I don't mind talking to fellow debtors.
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