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If they are so fierce need to talk to you for 1 hour ?
Ah Long already ask all his men come to your house if really so powerful.
Ah Long is just a Keyboard warrior play with your feeling.
Ensure you are staying in Singapore and not Malaysia.
Ah Long in Malaysia is different from Singapore.

Thank you.. Just hope if these idiots come to house.. its only love letters.. no paint all.. or fire.. cause this AL sent me video of fire and red paint. Hope this nightmare will go away soon...

The AL wonít visit himself. Will be done by runners only. And runners mostly are debtors. My close one was a runner. Help to lock gate only. But the keys left behind for the person. As he did not want to cause the person having to find a lock smith etc, just did what he had to and minimise the damage. Also didnít throw paint and all. Fire would be more extreme. Whereby the payment is dragged for too Long I believe. If worried can leave the door inside open, then I believe even if runner came to your house also wonít dare to do anything, scared someone is awake and he might be caught..
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