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Yesterday, after being quiet for at least 2 weeks, i received a letter via post and said that his boss only wants his money back. Call this number if you dont want your name posted on atm machines. The letter was posted from Johor Bahru. Only shows they are not in Singapore.

Then yesterday too, they called my boss to say I owe them money. The boss knows all about this money lending thing so he just say i no longer work there.

I still say best option is block all numbers and dont answer unknown callers. And be vigilant.
U can give any reason to yr coy saying that is a scam. If u r a hardworking guy in the coy yr coy will not sack u just becos of a phone call. Our singhealth bio data kena hacked and those data can be use against us. Where we stay and our tel no. all hacked.
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