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Posts: 63 seems well-versed in this. Care to share what you’ve gone thru?
Personally i went thru one AL case. Out of ignorance i thot is lMl. I told them i do not want the $$$ and they bank in anyway. I told my wife immediately n next call police. For 1 week b4 i make the first payment i did not reply to them they start to get anxious calling me and hi here n there to see the watapps was block but i refuse to answer or reply becos the due date is not up. The more u want to talk to them the more they know u r scare so i play reverse physcology. After 1 week, they call me n i told them u just want money i send over. Ask them dont shout at me n i told them dont hide behind come n lim kopi with me. Ask me talk chinese i purposely talk hokkien. Once sent they still say i owe them but i block them immediately. Never heard from them anymore. The reason i returm them because that $$$ not belong to me. So after 1 payment i block. Dont feed them with yr hard earn money use it for yr family.It is a mind game.

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