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I just made a police report. I was on the verge of breaking down and spoke to my boss. He told me to gather my courage to report police. Do not make payment to any AL. I have about 6 AL all in all. Now all sending me threatening messages with photos of my house. I already told my parents and we are prepared for them to come and splash. Now they are sending alot of threatening messages to me. Btw i am changing numbers for whole family. Is it okay? What should i be prepared for?
Block all incoming numbers. Change your numbers. Give your boss and family a heads up so they stand by your side. Invest in CCTV. Report any harassment to police. Don't pay any AL. If you're still feeling anxiety, just read the whole thread. Just tahan the harassment and it will died. Mine has already given up

Given statistics in this whole forum, out of 50 harassment only 1 or 2 is splash paint and locked gate. The rest are just phone calls, SMS, WhatsApp, love letters via post.

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