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Does anyone know how convenient is tengah area?
E.g. to town/cbd

I know its sustainable due to surrounding developments like westmall/jem etc and ofc future developments in tengah
But I don’t live in the west and i’m just considering whether if it would be worth
Aren't they advertising Tengah as car free town? Not sure how they really going to implement this.

Aiyah, we live in Singapore. No matter how far your work/house is to each other, it is still accessible.. it just depends how much time you are willing to put up to travel there la.

For the records, I do live around West (CCK/BP area) but not the deep West lol. CCK/BP area by private takes maybe 15-20 minutes? By public, 1 hour.

But overall, you will learn to love your chosen estate and adapt to it. Every estate now coming up with their own amenities or will be near to the "better" ones. Also, I am pretty sure most are eventually thinking to upgrade in 5 years so doesn't matter also hahaha.

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